Sister Circles 

Join us for an informational meeting to share the intention of these women's circles and answer any questions you have! 

Spots are limited
November 10th @ 
12:00 pm EST
11:00 am CST
10:00 am MST 
9:00 am PST 
*Seats are limited to 200 spots.
What are Infinite Sister Circles?
Built on Science
Lynne McTaggart has paved the way and proven that people in groups of 8 have the power to help each other create and cultivate the lives and health they dream of. By attuning the group's intention and focusing on seeing others in their highest and brightest light, magic happens EVERY TIME. 
  If you need more proof, read the book, The Power of 8
Connecting & Meditating OnCe a week 
Groups will meet weekly for 12 weeks to build a container and safe place for women to share and be seen. We will support each other in our struggles and help each of us create the lives we dream to live.  If you are looking to be in a community with like-minded women, come and learn more! 
Discover Your power
Living in the world today can be overwhelming and exhausting. Many mothers do not have the support and community that they need to live the life they dream of. To conquer the division that is seeping into our world, we will build a new world by creating groups of 8 that to hold and uplift each other in our highest and brightest light.  

Spots are limited! 
Join us and learn more! 
No obligation, just come with an open heart, mind, and bring your questions! 

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